February 2, 2015

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Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer - Modern Wedding Photography

I never thought this would happen when Anna over at Wisconsin Bride Magazine sent me over a copy of their magazine with their Wedding Planner Guide to check it out for advertising. As I was looking through it I jumped off the couch, totally freaking Justin out, and said “That’s my photo!” Yes, ladies and gents my photo has been published in Wisconsin Bride Magazine! WHAT?!!?? Totally Awesomeness!

It is a photo of Jenna and Ben’s wedding from last summer, where they had a beautiful outdoor wedding, where they brought the inside in. With help from Shelly at Signature Events, their wedding had a modern outdoor setting. Shelly brought in modern white chairs, that mad a cozy sitting area, with beautiful white drapery to bring it all together. The grounds also had a cocktail area that had yummy bites from Father Fats (one of my favorite places in Stevens Point to eat), rustic cocktail tables where a band played on the beach. Yes a beach on a beautiful little pond, which was also the backdrop of their ceremony. I cannot express enough how much I loved this wedding, it was stylish, modern, and rustic! Shelly did an amazing job bringing the inside out, and creating a beautiful backyard wedding for Jenna and Ben.

A major goal of mine as to get published in this publication, and without knowing it I actually am! Now I have reset my goal and I my new goal is to get a wedding published in the wonderful magazine! I am going to keep setting my goals high – you just never know what will happen!

With Love – Christine


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