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April 29, 2016

CONFESSION FRIDAY // You are who you are and that is OK

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“Promise me you’ll remember : You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” –  A.A MILINE

In today’s world of photos and statuses on social media surrounding us with others lives that seem perfect it is hard to see your own life and home just as beautiful and perfect. Life is a beautiful mess – we have messy kitchens, laundry that is piling up and an office that has papers everywhere. I want you to know and remember that it really doesn’t have to be perfect. Those photos you see on Instagram and other social media streams are not always what they seem.

The past few days I have been watching and re-watching some amazing people speak about what they love most. The Rising Tide Society put on an amazing SUMMIT with amazing speakers. I am re-watching one today! The #1 thing they all had in common was, you are not perfect and your life doesn’t have to be perfect. Perfection is not who you are, perfection is something we strive for, but honestly I don’t think people ever achieve it. And. That. Is. OK. Hannah from last night’s webinar said it beautifully “be who you want to come home to at 2am & don’t sleep with liars.” This can be taken a few different ways, the liars can be people or they can be the lies you tell yourself. We all have those demons that come alive right before we go out on a date, meet with a new client, shoot a wedding, deliver images and submit photos to a publication. They tell us we aren’t good enough, pretty enough,  or popular enough. These demons are liars – as soon as we realize this, the sooner we can tell them to f*(# off.

Our social media stance can be whatever we want it to be, if you want it to be curated then do it, or if you want it to be a mix of your amazing beautiful messy life then do it. You are the only one like you and you are the best marketing there is. No one can do what you do! Be you! Do You! This weekend I want to to put a little sticky note on your mirror, best side table or computer – somewhere that you will see it everyday.

A sticky note that says YOU MATTER, YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU CAN DO THIS. 

I want  you to read this out loud to yourself EVERY FREAKING DAY – till you can quiet those liars and demons. Because you are worth it, you are beautiful and you can do this! And if this sticky note isn’t enough email me your phone # and I will text you this EVERY DAY, even a few times a day if you need it. I believe in you and you should too! You are who you are and it’s OK / I love this beautiful messy life you are making!

with love and hugs – christine


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