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December 4, 2014

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You may have noticed that my Facebook Page and Blog have been a little quiet since the Black Friday Sale weekend. This is because I have been a little over flowed with packing up clients products and getting them out the door before the Holidays. But also I am taking a little time to myself – relaxing and taking in how great this year has been.

What does this “off season” hold for me?

I have 2 engagement sessions, a beloved session, a newborn session, and an extended family session coming up before the New Year. So even though I am not doing any weddings, I get to photograph two families that both have away working in Haiti and Korea. This will be the first time the whole family will have been together in YEARS! I am honored to capture these memories for them. (stay tuned for their sessions photos) The past few days have been filled with, way too much of Greys Anatomy on Neflix, cuddling with my fur babies, and fine tuning my cooking. YES cooking, something I didn’t do much in the Summer because we were rarely home at the same time. Or I was just plain too tired to stand over the stove, so we always ate out or ordered in. I tried to make a pot roast once, but the roast has been in the freezer for so long it was freezer burnt. I found this out AFTER I put the potatoes, carrots and onions (which had me BALLING) in the crock pot. So you can say that I am a little out of practice, but that will change in 2015!

This “off season” will also hold, more blogs! Yes more blogs! I will be blogging more, not just about my clients, but also about my favorite vendors, sessions, and some personal ones. I am going to be opening myself up to you all this winter, photography is a very personal thing and I want you to get to know me better! I am also going to sharing my home to you, we have been living here for 1.5 years, and I am just starting to love where I live! It’s finally becoming a home!

See! Even thought the sessions, and weddings have slowed down, I will not be. I love what I do, and am excited to get ready for what 2015 will bring. Thank you for sticking with me, and stay tuned for future blogs, adventures, and news! And I will hopefully be able to spend a little more time (non working time) with my awesome man friend. (did you sex and the city fans catch that?)

photo : emily schmidt photography


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