An Open Letter to My Parents

March 18, 2015


Dear Mom & Dad

Happy 42nd Anniversary! You two are a inspiration to every couple today – showing us that marriage is work with a little bit of a fairy tale. A parent to 6 children that are NOTHING a like – we all have our own brains and walk our own paths. We live in different parts of the country and state, but we always remember we are family above all else. You two taught us that!

It may have taken Dad a year to say hello after smiling at Mom, once the year before, and only a few months before he asked you to marry him – but you two lasted 40+ years of love and adventure. You two came to every sports event and band trip we all ever had – even coming to track meets for me and taken me home early. (which totally rocked by the way Mom!) You two helped pick out my prom dress, and may I remind you that I am not girly and hate dresses so this took WAY too much time. I am sorry for the hours in the mall helping me pick out dresses, trying them on and only going back to buy the one I picked out hours before. (maybe it’s a good thing I am not getting married anytime soon?! Could you imagine how long that dress shopping will take?)

Dad I remember when I was little how I would sit on your lap while you drove the tractor – teaching me how to drive way before I was 16. Yes, I may have been only allowed to drive a few miles in a truck without an adult, but I thought it was totally awesome! Mom, you let me sit and play games in your classroom while waiting to go home so I wouldn’t have to ride the bus home.

Yesterday you two celebrated 40+ years of marriage together in sunny Florida – continuing your love of adventure together. I am lucky to say that I am your daughter! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

With Love – Your Youngest