Confession Friday / Print Your Photos

August 13, 2015


Print your Family Photos

As photographers we struggle with how to explain the real value in photography and getting tangible prints in the hands of their clients. We see the value because we ourselves print out photos and have them adorn our wall, we sit on the couch while working and gaze at them with love. We love getting updated photos taken because this adventure of our lives is ever changing. Documenting it means so much to us. It’s a story we are telling every day, every minute it’s something that needs to be documented. And NOT just on your phones then uploaded to social media. Social media is killing our value of photography and tangible objects.

Why is it important to print your photos?

I love to upload things online and adore sharing them with family and friends around the world, but you know what I love more? Going online printing my photos from my favorite professional lab, getting it delivered (feels like Christmas each time!). Picking out the right frame, and then finding the perfect spot in my home. THAT my friend is way more satisfying than uploading to Facebook? Or sitting online and ordering from a commercial printer and picking it up from a not so friendly clerk in a paper envelope. I ADORE packing up my clients prints and albums, making them look so pretty and making sure when they open it, that is also a beautiful experience. Rather than wham here is your photos in a wimpy envelope that we really didn’t care in packing or shipping it. You were just the millionth print they did that hour.

What is the reason for this some what of a rant blog? It is to get you in the brain of most photographers you come across. We value an experience, we don’t want to just shoot you then deliver this album and say Good Bye. We want to be friends, we want you to feel like family – not just throw products at you like you are just another customer. I strive to be honest with all my clients. I will tell them how it is and why and why they should or don’t need to do something. Printing your photos either as a print, canvas or album. When they take my word for it they are so freaking happy I made them see the value in it.

Where do I suggest getting your prints off those devices?

(if not from me of course, or your favorite photographer)

My #1 choice is – Artifact Uprising // they have beautiful prints and albums! And they are WAY better than Snapfish or Shutterfly AND affordable!

My #2 choice is – MPix // super affordable and lots of fabulous products

Make your walls, coffee tables and shelves happy with pretty images of your loved ones. This way every time you look at them you will smile, and be brought back to that happy moment.

with love – christine