Confession Friday / That Moment

September 4, 2015

Love, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

That Moment – you know the one when you look at your significant other and just know they are going to be the one by your side till you are both using walkers.┬áThat moment is more than butterflies and flowers everyday. It’s that moment when you look at them and smile, just knowing that they make you happy.

I have been having a lot of these moments in the past few months, when I am talking with a friend about their hubby or boyfriend and they talk about things they do not do. I find myself thinking about how Justin does those things, and how amazing he really is. No, he doesn’t bring me breakfast in bed, or cook for me on a daily basis. But, he takes a job that he doesn’t really like so he can work every weekend with me photographing madly people in love. He drives home from weddings because he knows I am too worn out to focus. When I returned from a 48 hour work trip that involved 12+ hours driving in a car I woke up to a pound of coffee and flowers waiting for me in the kitchen. I am not a girl that needs to be flooded with flowers and gifts on a daily basis, but those tiny surprises and things he does make my heart so happy.

People ask me all the time if it is hard working and living together, I always say No at all. Why? Because we have this weird understanding and love for what we do. He helps me work out issues that I don’t fully understand, or an idea that I have and helps me work through it. We are partners in life, and we work hard at building our lives together. Are we perfect? Not at all, not even close! But it’s imperfections that we love about each other. He may leave the cupboard doors open or puts the milk back in empty … but, he also hugs me when I need it, tells me I am amazing when I want to quit and loves me through all the ugly.

Relationships aren’t perfect, but it’s the ones that see you through all the ugly and still love and adore you and the ones who you should hold on tight to. I encourage you to take a look right now at your loved one and take in how lucky you two are to have a crazy awesome love!

with love – christine

photo by the ever awesome Emily Schmidt Photography