My Fall Must Haves

October 3, 2017

Outdoor StyleWith the craziness of working and traveling, I have found myself living in Leggings and long sweatshirts. I never thought I would be this person, someone who leaves the house without real pants on. Then I found the best leggings/yoga pants I own 5 pairs of them and LOVE THEM! I wear them almost every day! There are days that go by that I wear the same thing and do I care. HECK NO! You know what the best thing about these? They look great with outfits, they are great to sleep in, and they are great to workout in!

Other Must Haves:

Hunter Boots // these boots are the best for sessions and running errands in the fall! It is a rainy and wet time of year, a time of year that always looms snow and sometimes comes randomly. They are also the best when trampling around in the woods, they protect my legs and sock-less feet from the prickly plants that I never see before I feel them.

Cozy Tunic Sweatshirt from Target // I have worn this sweatshirt more time that I should tell you. But it is so soft and it covers my bum 🙂 I only wish it came is more colors so I could buy all of them!

Toms Shoes // Ok ok, I wear these year round, but I always buy a new pair every fall. Usually a new pair of green ones … if you don’t know me well enough you might not know that green is my favorite color! I must buy just about everything in that color! I cannot wait to get my hands on the new booties from Toms!

Scarves // Scarves are a staple in my outfit in the fall, winter, spring and chilly nights in the summer. Yes year round! I LOVE scarves! My favorite scarf is a paisley one I randomly found, wear it weekly! This may fall on a slight obsession!

This Hat // I am a girl that does not shower on a daily basis so anything to cover up the fact that I do not have clean hair and still look cute! Yup, the stocking hat is the way I do it!

You may have heard this a million times already but fall is a wonderful time of year, the green turns to beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. The light turns golden and is a playground for photographers! Football and HALLOWEEN!