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So let’s talk today about the Men of the wedding day – I am a sucker for a dapper, classic and modern groom. My favorite groom’s fashion is when they stay true to themselves along with keeping it classic. Move over tuxes – gray and navy suites have moved into your turf. Elopements are a whole different story when it comes to style – the groom can wear whatever he wants! I love the style of the navy cardigan, grey shirt, and khakis – still classic and very true to his personality.

My five tips for the men to stay handsome and comfortable from the ceremony to the dance floor:

1 // First and for most stay true to your personality – if you do not want to wear a tux or a coat DON’T! Nothing is worse than seeing a good looking dressed guy wearing a 4 piece suit on a 90-degree day.  Girls I totally understand that you want your man to look handsome and you have a vision but listen to him if he is not comfortable – it will show in the photos and he will be 100% happier that you listened to his thoughts and feelings.

2 // If you are wearing a dress shirt, I HIGHLY suggest and urge you guys to wear a white shirt underneath AND bring a few extra if you sweat through you can change it.

There is nothing worse than seeing a good-looking guy wearing a white shirt, sweat and see his chesticles. It is far from classy and even more horrible for photos. Plus if you can change into a dry shirt you will be more comfortable AND happier throughout the night.

3 //  Wear your shoes a few times before the wedding day!

And if you can get away from renting shoes DO IT! You always need a great pair of shoes for those dressy events. Those rent-able shoes are NEVER very comfortable after a few hours – they pinch, they are slippery and dogs will be barking well before you can show off your rad dance moves. Along with investing in a great pair of shoes – get a great pair of socks! Like I said about the shirts, bring extra pairs of socks – and if you have to rent shoes bring a pair of comfortable dress shoes to change into after the photos are done.

4 // Make sure you eat before the ceremony and if you have a few hours before you get to head to the reception – have snacks or mini sandwiches to snack on.

This way you will not be a sloppy mess when it comes to the reception – AND you will be able to remember and enjoy the reception fully.


So I started out all like – this is how you will look handsome all day and full of style tips – now I am all Mom. Drinking water in between those shots or cocktails is so important – especially if your wedding is on a HOT summer day. No one wants anyone fainting, throwing up and getting drunk off 2 beers after sweating on a hot hot Wisconsin day happens.

So again, I am a huge sucker for classic men who stay classy and alive throughout the wedding day – you can dance the night away, take a few shots and enjoy those cocktails fully when you are comfortable and hydrated. Want to see some more spiffy men – check out my PINTEREST board filled with inspiration for your wedding planning.





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