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February 9, 2015

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So why did I choose photography as a career? I don’t believe I chose it. I think it chose me.

For as long as I can remember I was drawn to photography. As soon as I got a camera with a rotating bulb in my hand, I photograph everything! And I mean everything! I looked through some of my photographs that were in a trunk of mine and they were of trees, cats, cows, leaves, rocks, sand…ect. You get the idea. I dreamed of photographs and people in faraway countries from National Geographic. I dreamed of the adventures I would go on, the people I would see, and the stories I would tell. I was rarely without a camera throughout the majority of my life – photographing everything still with my imagination. Finally, my Mom gave me a film camera she bought from a friend at a garage sale. I never put anything in it but black and white 35mm – LOVED how nature and people looked in black and white. ( I still do! ) Black and white photographs say so much, express motion, and is not distracted with the color or vibrancy of the image. It was hard for me to transition to a digital camera (besides a point and shoot little camera) I swore I would never do it. I didn’t until my high school best friend asked me to photograph his wedding – it got me thinking. So as soon as I returned from Alaska I applied to every photographer I could find to be their intern. With this internship, I used their equipment and had my Nikon D3000 on hand. Compared to what they had my camera was a baby! During that summer I learned so much but the think I learned the most was that I wanted to be my own photographer. I wanted to capture people memories. So thus I created Natural Intuition Photography!

But … I am going to be honest with you all. When I first started on my own I didn’t want to do weddings! I was scared to be part of a day that only happens once, a stress I didn’t want. And that feeling even grew with the 1st wedding I booked – it was a DISASTER! The wedding was a cold and rainy outdoor wedding, my rented camera gear was not staying charged, and I had multiple panic attacks. (This is where I learned first hand how important it is to have 2 camera bodies, and extra batteries! THANKFULLY I did!) I swore after that I wasn’t going to book anymore weddings, but then I did one more then 4 more than 10 more – after that I ADORED Wedding Photography! I am so thankful to this day that I wouldn’t let myself give up! I am not saying that I learned everything I need to learn, and I do not make mistakes. I am human, they happen – I am not perfect nor do I ever want to be. Yes, I am a perfectionist, and strive to capture every moment the 1st time it happens. But, fearing of mistakes causes you to miss out on true happiness. Again, I am not going to lie, I go into every wedding day terrified that I am going to mess up. I have almost through up a few times (and sometimes I did) but as soon as I meet the couple, hug them, and laugh with everyone – my heart relaxes. I let my heart and soul tell and capture their memories.

When I started this little endeavor of mine I wasn’t sure what to expect – but I knew I was going to work hard to make it grow. Since I first started in 2009 internship, I have photographed almost 200 sessions and weddings combined! ( CRAZY huh!? )  I cannot believe it! Seriously all the memories, the love, the people! I LOVE what I do and look forward to see what it holds for me. So far in 2015 I have 16 weddings booked and cannot wait to capture one of the most important days in their lives. A day filled with so much love, happiness and dancing!





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