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What is the best thing on a HOT Summer day?? Other than ice cream, a cold beer or a swimming pool? ICE COLD WATER! I would have up to 3 bottles in the freezer for the following day to stay cool on those hot summer days and outdoor weddings. But, handling and storing those always caused a wet mess. I am always trying to find ways to make life easier – especially when I spill so much already 🙂 Yes, I am a clutz . This is why I do not wear white or light-colored clothing on wedding days – or in general! The S’well Bottle changed this – and made our sweaty hot days so much cooler!

As a wedding photographer in Wisconsin you have to deal with HOT HOT HOT days. Staying cute is a whole different story! Cold water is always a must for us on hot wedding days, the S’well bottles have saved us so many times! All the summers before we have had to freeze our water bottles and keep them in coolers during the day. Which led to a lot of condensation and wet spots on our clothing. That all stopped when we got a S’well bottle! I can now have a delicious COLD smoothie as a snack between the ceremony and reception over a melted and hot Cliff Bar and warm water.

Before each wedding, I put ice water in the 25 oz one, and it stays cold in the car no matter how hot it is outside!

We also use these for iced coffee to enjoy on the way home. Oh – and if you want to use this for a picnic, camping or on the boat and want a chilled bottle of wine. This bottle holds a WHOLE BOTTLE of wine! WHAT? Yes, you can take a whole bottle with you on the boat or while you are kayaking and NOT need a cooler just this! Just imagine you could enjoy a cold class of vino in the middle of the lake while taking in the sunset. What else could a gal ask for?

Purchase your S’well bottle TODAY! You will not be disappointed! They even have little bottles that are perfect for kids. Keep their juice or milk cold for those relaxing beach days!

** I was not paid or asked to do this blog – this is just how much I LOVE this bottle! I am replacing most of my Nalgenes with these bottles. Can’t get rid of the all ever amazing Nalgenes completely – they fit perfectly in my day packs mess sides.


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