afraidIf you are reading this that means you are TOTALLY RAD! It also means that you are one step closer to feeding that craving to relax, rejuvenate and really dig deep to improve yourself, your business and your life in general! Whether you were attracted to the name “RAD Photographers’ Retreat,” or simply looking for something different than a workshop or seminar, you have luckily stumbled upon a chance to reconnect with yourself, refresh and rebuild your mindset, and build a community with fellow amazing women photographers with the exact same perspective as you.

At RPR, we are going to tap into our goals, our fears and our insecurities and ultimately break down those intrusive walls to help each other grow. We will gather with like-minded creative’s in an intimate lodge, sit around a dining table with coffee and a fireplace with a glass of wine, and reinvigorate the reason we all were crazy enough to become small business owners in the first place. Since this is the first retreat of its kind, there’s no telling where the discussions might lead, but what we CAN tell you is that there WILL be yoga pants, hugs, tears and incredible women in abundance.

This is not going to be a workshop where people talk AT you, it will be a facilitated group discussion of inspirational coaches and women inspiring and learning from each other. At RPR, we hope to inspire, reflect, relax and refresh. We will get our nails, hair and makeup done and update our headshots. We will sip freshly brewed coffee and peer-review our websites. We will sip signature cocktails together and reflect on how our businesses have affected our lives. We will take walks in the snow together and challenge ourselves with new photo compositions. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, we will have intentional moments to quietly read a book, breathe deep during morning yoga, or simply sit in stillness to quiet our busy, busy minds.

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