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April 12, 2016

Wedding Stationary - Vendor Spotlight

During the Rad Photographers Retreat I got to work with the amazing Julian from Mint for Hue, this woman designs some beautiful stationary, along with running a beautiful business. Since the first email and phone call discussing the retreat at my design, she took it and ran with it. She sent a design sample within days and it was spot on with what I was looking for. I was so happy to have her on board and I cannot wait to work with her again very soon! Get to know the amazing heart behind Mint and Hue – tell all your friends about her and get your stationary designed by a beautiful soul.

Name & Current Title & Company Name: Juliann, Owner + Designer behind Mint for Hue

Age : 29

Educational Background : Graphic Designer

What was your first job out of collect and how did you land it? My first job out of college was a graphic designer at a party supply company.

I saw an article in a local newspaper featuring the company, their products, and the fun work environment within the company. It was a long shot, but I submitted a cover letter and resume to the company even though I didn’t know they were hiring. After a lengthy and extensive interview process (four interviews later), I landed the job.

What has surprised you the most about owning your own business? How much work it is! I am constantly checking my emails, calling for quotes, sending proofs, emailing invoices, and tweaking designs. I never get to “punch out” of work and it gets to be very demanding. Not only do I create all of my designs from scratch, but I also am in charge of all of my marketing, social media, invoicing, printing, and shipping. There is always something to do!

Do you have a favorite design aspect? And why? My favorite part of my job is meeting with clients one-on-one. Since I do work from home in my studio office, it tends to get a bit lonely since I do not have any co-workers or employees. I love getting together with my clients over a cup of coffee, or beer, and talk about their needs. The best part is when we get off-track and talk about everyday topics; that’s when I know that we are a great fit for each other 🙂

Wedding Stationary - Vendor SpotlightWith owning a thriving business what is your biggest struggle? My biggest struggle is balance. Not only am I a small business owner, but I also stay home with my 14 month old son. Trying to find the balance between work and caring for my son is tough. I am so passionate about my job and work every chance I get (naptime hustler!) but I also know that my little guy will only be small for a little while. The balance between the two is tough, and there is always guilt when I do one over the other.

What do you like MOST about your career? I’ve been a bride and know what it’s like planning a wedding. It gets overwhelming, chaotic, and honestly, draining. My favorite part is taking the stress out of wedding stationery. I don’t know how many people I talk to that tell me their wedding invitations were the biggest nightmare when it came to their wedding. Figuring out sizes, layout, wording, size restrictions, postage, deadlines, addresses, etc gets to be a lot. I love being able to take that stress off of my clients’ shoulders; they have bigger things to worry about just months before their big day!

What do you (honestly) dislike most? Paperwork such as contracts + invoices. It has to be done but gets so tedious.

What do you love most about living in Wisconsin? Favorite things to do, and places to go? Living in Wisconsin, I love being so close to my family. In the summers, we love to go out on the boat, spend the day at the beach, and grill out.

What does your typical day look like? I wake up bright and early, right around 6am, to my toddler alarm clock 😉 We hang out for a bit in the morning, have breakfast, and play for awhile. When he takes his nap, I head straight to my office to start working on my to-do list for the day. Naptime hustler! When he wakes up, we have lunch, go for a walk or run some errands. I’m on mommy duty until 7pm when he heads to bed. Then I’m at it again, working on some designs, returning emails, ordering samples, or sending invoices.
Wedding Stationary - Vendor Spotlight

What is some advice you would give a couple planning their wedding? Be true to who you are as a couple. With Pinterest giving us so many ideas, we tend to get stuck doing what everyone else is doing, whatever is easiest and most affordable. Think about who you are as a couple, what you are passionate about, and your commonalities. Incorporate those unique, special attributes into your wedding to really make it your own.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I’m hoping to still be doing what I love, designing! I see myself still working from home while raising a few kiddos. Hopefully the kids will take their naps all at the same time! 🙂

Best advice you’ve ever received? Also, what advice would you give aspiring woman interested in your career? You are exactly where you need to be.

We all have to start somewhere. Don’t ever compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. With so much inspiration around us (Pinterest & Instagram), it’s so hard not to compare ourselves to another filling our heads with so much doubt. Even the experts started somewhere, and I bet if we saw their beginning concepts and sketches years ago, it’d look like our beginning, too. Keep trying, keep experimenting, keep going. You’ll find what works best for you and what your own strengths are.

What are at least 3 things you cannot live without on a daily basis? Coffee, my baby boy, Coffee

I LOVED working with Juliann on the information/welcome packets for the Rad Photographers first ever Retreat. She was a joy to work with, as soon as I we talked over the phone about the design and style – she knew instantly what she was going to do. The design was exactly what I wanted and was everything I was hoping it would be and more!

Need Custom Wedding Stationary – you MUST check her out!

with love – christine