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December 18, 2013

Waiting …..

and Waiting ……

There are some things that I can wait for : Roller coasters, the check out, cookies to bake (may eat half the dough though), and coffee to brew because the smell is awesome! But there is one thing that I get anxious about —– waiting for my sisters new little bundle of joy to arrive!!!!! She was due on Monday, and we are still waiting …. yea I know it’s only been a day or two but MAN! I want to know if it’s a boy or girl, and what the name is! And if it looks like a Dopp!

I have been excited for friends babies before, but for some reason this one is different – I just want to meet the little one! I check my phone constantly! And that is sooo not me! I have left my phone at home or off for days at a time! Yes clients I know! I LOVE that you call, and feel horrible when I miss you, but yes I do leave my phone at home a lot when I leave the house. Or it will be in the other room on silent. This is why I make phone dates with friends, family and clients – I will have my phone on me and the ringer on waiting like a puppy with excitement to talk to you.

I am so sure it’s a boy too! Just sure it’s a boy! When I talk about the little one I call it a little man – so I will be a teeny tiny bit bummed if it’s not a boy….but OH SO HAPPY to meet the little one no matter if it’s a boy or a girl. This family is my poster family for photos too! They are my go to family if I have an idea for a shoot, and we always have so much fun at our sessions! OH, and I will be photographing them in home for the next year – because I LOVE lifestyle at home sessions, and they are game for it! So get ready to see A LOT of the Rynish Family!

So stay tuned for the announcement of their bundle of joy!Rynish_2013 (c)Natural_IntuitionPhoto-126Signiture



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