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April 9, 2015

Wedding Style / Natural Intuition Photography

Weddings are about you as a couple coming together as a family – they aren’t about the details, but I am sharing with you a few of the ways that my couples have made their weddings their own. They took their own style into account when picking out their wedding dress, wedding party outfits, shoes and accessories. Above Amy decided to wear these awesome black heels and belt that had black thread to match – I LOVED them both together! Her wedding party wore neutral heels and neutral dresses, but the dresses were all a little different to match the girls’ individual bodies and style. You are going to see a pattern below with what you see – I adore when things are mismatched! This probably all started because I never liked searching for socks so I would just grab two that worked together and went from there!

Wedding Style / Natural Intuition PhotographyWedding Style / Natural Intuition Photography

Jenn and Josh’s wedding party had all shades of green for the girls, and only Josh wore a suit. Josh’s suit was my all time favorite of the year, and to this date! The girls dresses were all so different but when we saw them together it worked perfectly with the farmers market flowers they made that day, and the girls personalities and bodies. No woman is made the same, and some are tall, short, pregnant or curvy – I love when the girls get to wear dresses they love and can dance the night away in.

Wedding Style / Natural Intuition PhotographyWedding Style / Natural Intuition Photography

More mismatched dresses – these girls were given shades to get, and they didn’t see each others until the day of the wedding and man they totally worked together! From pale pink to sparkly gold – LOVE THEM!

Wedding Style / Natural Intuition Photography

Emily totally thought outside the box when it came to her jewelry – she turned a draping necklace into a back and front necklace! I was sooo in love with it the whole day! This reminded me of something I read a while back – 70%+ people see you from behind. This is why I always make sure my hair and backside looks fabulous when I leave the house – probably why the most pinned things on my Pinterest page is lower body …. at least if I pin them it means I will do them right? Her shoes were lovely too – love love loved them! I was tempted to take them home – if only they were my size! And again another wedding party that wore all different dresses in navy with neutral heels – again LOVE!

Wedding Style / Natural Intuition PhotographyWedding Style / Natural Intuition Photography

Betsy and Luke’s pallet was classic with whites and greens. The girls dresses were two different styles to fit the girls unique body types and neutral heels with their hair up and simple jewlery – I simply loved the green! The guys wore suspenders, and man they just looked dapper! The groomsman wore green suspenders and Luke wore navy – loved how they were different. Can we talk about the guys shoes too – which I am kicking myself for not shooting! I LOVE men’s dress shoes! Talking about shoes – loved Betsy’s! She wore this awesome wedges so she wouldn’t sink in the grass.

Wedding Style / Natural Intuition PhotographyWedding Style / Natural Intuition Photography

See! Men’s shoes are just as great as the girls! Here I show of two of my favorite pairs of feet of 2014 – Angela and Chris showing off their awesome footwear. Chris also had some great striped socks to show off. Angela wore her re-designed Mothers dress with only a little addition of lace in spots – one of my favorite dresses to this date. I also loved her simple greenery crown – and Chris’s very dashing three piece navy suit.

Wedding Style / Natural Intuition PhotographyWedding Style / Natural Intuition PhotographyWedding Style / Natural Intuition PhotographySo the what should you take away from this blog? Show your personality in your wedding day style – add your unique touch to it. Do you want to wear a purple dress?Do you not want to have a wedding party? Is it OK to let the girl pick out their own dresses, and not from a bridal store? The answer to all those and more you may have is HECK YES! Be you! Show your personality on your wedding day! And if you are one of those awesome outside of the box kinds of couples who love to share their personalities with the world on their wedding day – and want to dance the day away with me, then you are the couple for me! And remember if you are happy with the way you look, and have spilled your heart of love throughout the day, the photos will show it. And it will truly be a day to remember – throw love around like confetti!

With Love – Christine





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