WHOA ! 1700 People to give Thank You Hugs !!!!!

September 10, 2014

I am sitting in one of my favorite coffee places, which is attached to one of my favorite lunch places – Emy J’s – and sipping on my yummy coffee when I noticed that I got 1700 likes on my Facebook page!!!!!! WHAT!!!???? 1700 people took the time to check out my page, and LIKE IT! It means so much, and I cannot say enough about the awesome people that  have gotten to meet in the past 3 years of this little photography business! The first moments of wedding day bliss, that moment when your little baby turns 1 years old, and those moments when you feel those flutters in your belly of someone you love so much and haven’t even met yet.

When I look back at when I first started with my little Nikon D3000 – and now with my 2 Nikon D700’s and a back up D300 ( I will be selling this soon just an FYI! ) For the first 2 years I had 2 kit lens and then to just a single 50mm. Yes I know I should have had more but my start up money was pretty low. I would rent lenses for every wedding – and now only have to rent for every two weddings. Having your own gear is a great feeling – and knowing that I now have back ups is less stress, and I can shoot with to worries! I would hold onto my camera with a death grip, baby it to no end. I still baby my gear, but I know how to efficiently use it and pack it now that I didn’t have the knowledge of before.

Moments like this gets me looking back at every year, every session, every wedding that I have shot. All the emails, paperwork, taxes and sleepless nights evolved in owning your own business. There are moments you just want to quit – and give up! But then I have that one session, meet that couple, or just pick up my camera and shoot something random that I am reminded that it is all worth it. I seriously LOVE what I do! I wouldn’t change it for the world! Seriously ! I wake up every moment excited to work!

Advice I have for all new budding photographers – keep up the hard work – remind yourself daily or get friends that remind you – you are awesome – you are doing a great job! And all the work, paperwork – is soooo worth it! If it wasn’t for the friends and family that support me and listen during my melt downs and hug me and make me feel better. I love you to the moon and back a million times! Keep learning, don’t stop trying, working, inventing – follow your heart! Your heart knows what is right for you and where it should go.

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