The Why

Best Friend Session - Waupaca Wisocnsin - Natural Intuition Photography

Photography Mentoring & Workshops for all the Rad Photographers out there!

Mentoring, Shoot Outs, Workshops and Retreats are my way of helping amazing photographers see their potential when they don’t see it. When I first started I interned with an amazing photographer, this woman taught be everything she knew. I probably emailed a few dozen photographers asking them if they would take me under their wing, she was the only one to take my on. To this day I don’t think I can thank her enough!

Last year I was asked by a few photographers who moved to the area to meet up and chat life and photography – this is when it clicked that I LOVE to help others grow. The best part of chatting with gals was that I helped them see how worth it they really were, how talented they were, and how more than enough they were. The Photography World can be a pretty lonely place, even though you can be surrounded by thousands of photographers in the area it can be isolating. Many times I would find myself working at home and go days without talking to anyone else but Justin and the cats. I found myself very lonely and sad. I would crave getting out of the house and meeting with friends, forcing myself to go outside for a short walk, but it wasn’t easy. These reasons are why I started the Rad Retreat and now expanding to Mentoring, Shoot Out’s and Workshops.

Building a community of amazing people brought together by careers they pour their heart and soul into.