Waupaca Wisconsin Wedding Photographer - barefoot bride
April 20, 2016

A Barefoot Bride & A Dirty Dress


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer - barefoot bride - Madison WI Wedding Photographer

Can I tell you about my favorite all time kind of bride? A bride that loves her dress so much and wants to get amazing photos – but is willing to get it a little dirty. She doesn’t mind taking her heels off and walking in the grass barefoot, or drop some Cheetos on her gown. Because she know something that some brides forget – it’s OK, the people at the dry cleaners are magicians.

I know that you’ve dreamed of the dress you will wear on your wedding day, you try it on with your mom and best friend in tow, then you walk down the isle towards the man of your life. This dress you have dreamed of will get dirty, it will get ripped, and you may spill wine on it. But you know what? It doesn’t really matter, those rips can get mended, those wine spills can get cleaned, and that dirt just washes off.

Why do those things really not matter? What matters most is that you are walking down the isle to a man you have dreamed out, and that man is going to love and adore you till your last day on earth. He is going to love you even if your dress gets mud on it, a spider gets stuck in the tool, or your aunt steps on your dress to tear it. He will look into your eyes, tell you that that rip is a memory of a time you two started an amazing adventure together. An adventure that will be filled with little rips, messy arguments, and wine spills. And after you clean up from a messy argument you will look into each others eyes and remember how much you love him, and those tiny little arguments and messes really weren’t really that big at all.

I adore when brides will walk in water, sit on the ground and climb up on rocks for a stunning photo. Trust is another reason for this! I believe in the vision I have for their photo, and if they are willing to get a little wet and dirty it’s a winning moment for all! It’s OK to stay clean before the I Do’s, but after let it all go and dance the night away! You will be thankful you let go and enjoy it to the fullest!

Your wedding day is a day to celebrate, dance, drink and be present / don’t worry about those bugs, spiders and dirt, you can wash it.

cheers – christine


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