December 21, 2016

See you in the New Year!


Madison WI Wedding Photographer

Justin and I are heading to his families this weekend to celebrate Christmas! My side of the families Christmas is New Years Weekend – which so happens to be my Birthday too!!! So many reasons to celebrate!

With all this traveling happening (and last minute shopping) we are taking a step back from our business. All while getting ready for some awesome thing coming in the new year! Even though I have have been in business for nearly 5 years (real years!) I feel like the past year I am starting over. I have been honing in on my brand, style and voice! At the beginning of 2016 I starting a re-brand, and it is coming full swing at the beginning of 2017! The new site is being worked on as we speak while everything else is being designed and ready to debut soon!

You guys – I have huge, mega, massive ideas for this year! I will be diving head first into so many awesome things already planned! First, the RAD PHOTOGRAPHERS RETREAT will be happening in April! Shoot Out’s are being planned, a 2+ trip to the Pacific North West is happening! (stay tuned for dates!) And some very rad personal projects! You all thought 2016 was amazing – just wait and see what 2017 will bring!

The next 1.5 weeks are going to be filled with designing, planning, popping of champagne, picking people up at the airport, card games, traveling, and so many memories being made! My #1 goal to help ya’ll get to know us better, and grow our connection is to be on social media platforms more. I don’t mean a crazy amount, but we will be sharing behind the scenes of shoots and our travels.

so check us out on:

SNAPCHAT / doppintuition


business thangs / @natural_intuition & @radphotogretreat

personal & behind the scenes / @doppchristine

Randomness on Twitter / @Nat_Intuition

I cannot wait to see what 2017 holds! See you all in the New Year!


photo by Studio 29 Photography


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