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December 15, 2016

The Why Behind the Design / Re-brand to Match my Heart

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Natural Intuition Photography did a little re-brand this year – with a new website, logo and paper products! When it came to doing my re-brand myself I knew exactly what I wanted out of it. I want it to scream, adventure, love and joy. I love that my clients are laid back and always looking for a little adventure. And get epic photos to showcase just how awesome they are. This re-brand started in 2016 and will continue in 2017 with a website that fully describes my business and me.

Here are a few things that describe my brand and style:

Why do I do what I do? Love, love is the biggest reason I do what I do. Capturing a love parents have for their children, the love couples have for each other and the moments in between that go so fast. Being able to tell a story of a couple while they are building a life together. Stories are in the little moments. Those moments are felt by you and seen by Me. Every tiny moment is eager to be swiped up to be remembered forever. With my camera in hand I click and strive to capture them to be remembered and felt for years. To be able to deliver clients a moment in time, to look at that photo and be transported back. Remember the smells, the sweat, the heartbeats, the excitement, the tears, and the love.

The style of a business should grab you from the beginning – I want my clients to get a feel of the full experience. Be able to see the love my clients have for each other and the love that I pour into Natural Intuition Photography.


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