March 8, 2017




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We stayed up late last night booking flights, rental cars and AirBnB’s for our road trip to the Pacific Northwest this Summer! We are looking for rad people to photograph and things to do! Where should we camp, hike, eat, where’s the good beer at, and must do things! This is a road trip I randomly thought of one night and I got super excited to do it ever since. So I ran the idea past Justin and he said SURE! This is why I love this man – he is always up for a rad adventure!

Our exact travel dates are:

Seattle Washington // July 20th – 24th

Cannon Beach Oregon // July 24th – 27 (we will be driving into  Portland one of these days if we book a session or two!)

Redwoods California // July 27th – 30th

San Francisco California // July 31st – August 2nd (sunrise session only)

We would like to book a few sessions while out there, a session that will end with a beer and good food too! Do you live out there or know someone!? Pass this information on to them – we would love to connect with as many people as possible! Traveling we have always found new friends with our new experiences.

Traveling is something I have adored for years, Justin is always game for the crazy ideas I have in my head. This one is the biggest I have planned EVER! Some have told us that we are crazy for taking off so much time during the peek season of weddings. But, we were tired of camping when the cool spots are closed for the season, restaurants are closed already, and we have to wear too many layers! So I blocked off a few weeks in July. So we could go on a little vacation – yes smack dab in the middle of the crazy season!

Life is too short – I do not want to be that person who forgot how to relax. During out last vacation, I was so stressed out worrying about missing on bookings. I couldn’t actually appreciate the amazing mountains in front of me. So I vowed to take a vacation that was all about re-connecting with myself – and shooting in new amazing places! I crave the mountains and photographing adventurous people in them – I cannot wait to do just this very soon!


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